Freshfields is an innovative fresh produce farming business based in Herefordshire, specialising in the production of soft fruit and vegetables. We are a team of passionate individuals whose aim is to commercially produce the best quality crops for our customers in a sustainable, safe and environmental way.

We pride ourselves on growing unusual and delicious crops, that pack a punch of flavour and add excitement to meals and snacks.

About Us

At Freshfields we are truly passionate about the fruit and veg we produce. Set up in 2009 as a soft fruit business growing strawberries, the business has diversified in recent years to include British grown asparagus and most recently British garlic.

A genuine love of our crops and agriculture means we are always striving to produce the best possible produce to meet the constantly changing needs of today’s fresh produce consumers.

Through marketing groups and partners, we supply all sectors of the UK markets including retail, wholesale and food service – whether you are a chef, wholesaler, retailer or consumer, we know how important quality, provenance and traceability are to you!

Our Values


We take responsibility for protecting and enhancing the natural environment we work in, meeting the needs of today without compromising the future.


We invest in our people and contribute to our local community.


We continuously find ways to maintain and improve the quality of our produce.


We constantly challenge ourselves and our employees to find new ways to improve the sustainability of our agriculture and to protect the future of our business and the land we manage.


We are totally transparent across all areas of our business offering full traceability and being ethical, honest and trustworthy in all that we do.

We aspire to grow British produce that will reduce our country’s reliance on crops that could typically be imported as well as seasonal British crops. Our business is focussed on fresh produce and is continually looking at new crops we can grow for our customers based on our climate, input and customer parameters.

Our crops are grown using loyal and trained employees who plant, care for, harvest and hand grade all the crops we grow; ensuring we are compliant with all British farming standards and meet our customers’ expectations.